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! Because of the new visa policy of China, this service is no longer available !

We can renew your Chinese Visa in Macau by appointment.

Please contact us before,because we have to prepare your visa application and the supporting documentation.

To enable our customers to make it as easy as possible, we take their passport for China Visa Extension in Macau at the border exit.
Our customers can directly take one of the free shuttle buses to the casinos and enjoy their day for 5 hours before they get their passport with a new visa back.


Meeting Point is Guanzha,the Macau Site of Gongbei Border / ZhuHai.

You will get your Chinese Visa in the same day.

Passport pick up time : 12.00 noon

Passport delivery time : 5.00 p.m.

Meeting Point Macau

When you are crossing the China Border from Gongbei / Zhuhai you will Exit at Guanzha.

The Exit at Guanzha in Macau:

Macau Guanzha Exit


After you leave the exit hall you can see the backside of a yellow monument with 2 flags.
That is our meeting point:

Macau Border Monument

Front View of the Monument (Portas do Cerco) with the 2 flags:

Portas do Cerco

not confuse:

Because of many languages in Macau,you will hear or read different names of the Border Check Point Area:

 Portas do Cerco (portogues) - Guan Chap (cantonese) - Guanzha (mandarin).

Many Casinos call it Gongbei on their free shuttle bus schedule:

Venetian Casino Free Shuttle Bus to Gongbei


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