China Driving License Renewal/Extension

We can renew/extend your China Driving License within 5 Working Days


 For License renewal,we need the following documents:


- Original China Driving License

- Copy of the Passport Main Page (Passport that was used for the Driving License Application)

- Copy of the current Passport Main Page (if the old Passport is invalid)

- Copy of the current Visa

- Copy of the last Entry Stamp in your passport ( Entry Stamp - China Immigration)

- New Photo with white background ( approx. 25 mm height X 18 mm width)


Sample A of a renewed expired China Driving License - Class C1 and E:


Renewed China Driving License
Renewed expired China Driving License (within 1 year,after Expiration)


The above Driving License had expired and was renewed.

The License was renewed on 10.12.2012.

The "valid from" date follow the expiration date of the old License.

Driving Licenses issued in ShenZhen and GuangZhou,we can renew within 1 year after the expiration date.


Sample B of a renewed China Driving License - Class C1 and E:


China Driving License Extension
Extended China Driving License C1 (Passengers Cars) and E (Motorcycles)


If you want to renew your China Driving License just contact us.

Attention! ...for everyone who thinks would be worth to try

We apply your new Driving License based on the old.

When on your old Driving License penalty points have been noted ( 12 or more ),

we can not renew the License.

If you have knowledge of this,it is pointless to use our Service.

China Driving License Center Traffic Sign
Driving and Vehicle License Center - ShenZhen


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